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Our database does not use flashy graphics or eye-catching design. Instead, it is based on a well-designed, straightforward site. Clients will find a search menu that allows them to select city, state, or country, or all three, to narrow their search.
They can also type in a name. The search result will be listed by the zip codes of the freelancers, and selecting one will prompt a window or tab to open, displaying that freelancer’s details. The results list is split between the contractors that provide basic information, and those that offer expanded details. 

When evaluating freelancers in the listing, searchers should look beyond the basic information for a contractor who suits their needs.

They should first have a good idea of what they want for the project that they are looking to outsource, as this will help them to choose the best contractor for the work.
They should create a shortlist based on the listing, and contact those freelancers individually for quotes and portfolio samples. For simplicity, our directory displays a contact form at the end of the search, which clients can use to contact up to eight freelancers at once. 

There are numerous reasons an individual or business may need to hire a copy editor whose native tongue is German.

A business may be trying to break into a German-speaking market, and in order to build credibility with potential customers, the business will need its advertising and web site copy to make sense to its target market. The easiest and most effective way to achieve this is to have the copy checked by someone who knows the language. 

Business expansions cost way too much in time, effort, and money to have customers turned off by unintelligible copy.

Often, hard-pressed professionals overlook the importance of clean copy in their rush to get their documents live, but it can cost them in reputation to have their names associated with text that does not look intelligent and professional, as written copy on a web site or advertisement is often a potential client’s first impression of a business. Poorly written copy can also cause misinterpretation or embarrassment, which can generate unwanted attention or opinions of the business.

Native German contractors can also add a touch of the local culture to the copy, and make it sound more authentic. For example, a French computer manufacturer may want to spread into its neighboring countries, or an American consulting service may want to branch into Europe.

A publisher may have a book written in German, with the hope of marketing it in the DACH region. Countries in the DACH region are major world business hubs, and German is a major world language.