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The German company Infosysteme offers 9 freelancer directories in German that are available free of charge to publishers, media companies, PR and advertising agencies as well as to other lines of business for the purpose of finding freelancers, that is, service providers from the publishing field.

Through the portal, six of the directories are now available to clientss from outside of Germany, Austria and Switzerland who are looking for German-speaking native freelancers:
- German copy-editor
– German proofreader
- German translator
- German sworn translator
- German interpreter 
- German writer and copy-writer

The menu bar at the top allows you to switch between the different directories with just one “click” (fig.1).

Fig.1: Menu bar of the freelancer portal

Stay Oriented Using the Menu Bars

When developing the structure for the website, our guiding principle was the following: that it be easy to use while offering an array of possibilities.

Fig.2: Menu bars for the database of German proofreaders / copy-editors

Fig.3: Menu bars for the database of German writers and copy-writers

The menu bars of the different directories allow you to switch between the areas Search, Register and Info. Figures 2 and 3 display menu bars from the databases Proofreaders and Copy-editors as well as from the databases German writers and Copy-writers as examples.

The bottom menu bar offers further options to chose from within the respective section, as shown in figure 2: General Search, Refined Search, Key Word Search, Location Search, (“Job Forum”, wenn es diesen button in der englischen Version geben wird) .

Doing the Search

The freelancer portal offers four different search functions.

The General Search

Searching, for example, in the directory Proofreaders, a user will find all listed freelance proofreaders, as long as he doesn’t enter anything in the fields “Name” and “City” and doesn’t change the default setting (State: "all" and Country: "all").

If a user is interested in results for one particular state or country, he can choose from the respective drop-down menu and click on search again. In the same way, you can search for cities or other locations and Names or parts of a name. The search function is case insensitive.

The Advanced Search

The advanced search allows you to search for freelancers using a number of set standard criteria.

Of course, this search produces results only for those service providers that are listed on the database with a detailed service profile.

The more criteria you select in this search, the fewer the number of results. To search efficiently, the selection of criteria should be done one step at a time, choosing each time from one or more categories.

Key Word Search

This search does not produce all of a freelancer’s specific expertise and abilities. In order to cover most of the specifics, we offer freelancers the possibility of including certain key words for the open search.

These additional criteria will lead a customer using the search by key word to those freelancers who added the respective features to the standard criteria.

Search by Location

Searching by location allows you to find out quickly which freelancers are based in a certain place, state, European country or country outside of Europe.

The Display of Results

The general search first produces the entries of freelancers who have opted for the full entry in the database.
These results are listed in postal code order and are followed by results for freelancers with basic entries. Clicking on the name of the company will direct you to a freelancer’s presentation page.

At the end of the list of results you’ll find a button labeled “new search”.

Clicking on it will bring you back to the first search menu with the four options General Search, Refined Search, Key Word Search, and Location Search.

Now you can start a new search or choose a different area from the menu bar of the search directory. The advanced search only produces results for freelancers with a detailed service profile (full entry.)

The Presentation Page of Freelancers / Service Providers

Freelancers can use this portal to present themselves to potential customers by providing a comprehensive service profile as well as a description of their company.

The presentation page includes:
- Standing data (name/company name, address, telephone/fax number, email address)
- Comprehensive description of the company as free-text
- List of service characteristics chosen by the service provider
- Key words (specifications)
- Link to homepage
- company logo/picture

The Clients

Clientss from all lines of business from all over the world can search this internet portal efficiently and free of charge when looking for freelancers to do their German-language text production.
The contact between clientss and freelancers is always established directly via mail, telephone, fax or email.

A business offer sent to one particular freelancer does not always produce the desired result (for example, vacation, absence for other reasons, freelancer does not have capacities or does not accept jobs of this kind).

For this reason, we developed a contact form that clients can use to send a specific offer to up to eight freelancers.

We included this contact form / business offer form in the results under “basic search” and “advanced search”.
Clients using this form will receive a copy of the submitted form for their files via email.

How do I get further support?

If you should require more information or encounter particular problems using this info system, please let us know.

The programmer in our can be contacted at the following email address:  info - at -