Client information

Client from all lines of business from all over the world can search the freelancer directories of efficiently and free of charge when looking for freelancers, that is, service providers, to do their text production in German and other languages.

The contact between you as client and the freelancers is always established directly via telephone, email, fax or contact form.

In this way, the portal serves as an internet directory.

Sophisticated search functions and detailed presentation pages of freelancers, that is, service providers help the client find the suitable person quickly and efficiently

Contact Forms 

A business offer sent to one particular freelancer does not always produce the desired result (for example vacation, absence for other reasons, freelancer does not have capacities or does not accept jobs of this kind). 

For this reason, we developed a contact form that clients can use to send a specific offer to up to eight freelancers.

We included this contact form or business offer form in the results under “basic search” and “advanced search”.

As of now, however, not all directories are equipped with such a form.