chare: means:

- Website access without pass word
- Free of charge use
- Flexible / sophisticated search functions
- Detailed presentation of the freelancers
- No distracting banner ads in directories
- Clearly structured portal
- Highly efficient database
- Always up-to-date data
- Downloadable print-directories
- Publicity on large German fairs

Directory of German Freelancer

The website German Freelancer Directory is a search database facilitating your search for German or German-speaking freelancers from the publishing field.

You will find competent translators, writers, copy-writers, copy-editors, proofreaders, science copy-editors and science proofreaders, as well as interpreters for your German language production (for example, books, magazines, journals, customer-magazines, business reports, product descriptions, corporate image brochures, advertisements).

We equipped this database-assisted directory with a sophisticated search function, allowing customers to find the appropriate freelancer for their current project quickly and easily.

Just as with printed directories, a customer contacts the freelancer directly via email, telephone, fax or mail - or by using the contact form that is displayed on the same page as the list of results. 

search databases of freelancers from the publishing field


German Proofreader and Copy-Editor
The German version of our copy-editors and proofreaders database is the most extensive directory for Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
The database was developed in the fall of 1999 and, since January 2000, has been available on the internet, free of charge, to customers from all lines of business. 

There are two ways to register on this database as copy-editor or proofreader:
basic entry and full entry. 

For the full entry, a service provider gives the name of his company and describes in detail what competencies and references the company has.

The service provider’s presentation page is composed of a free-text field as well as service characteristics that the freelancer has selected. 

Simplified definition of two terms: 

Proofreader: checks spelling, punctuation and grammar 
Copy-editor: checks the text’s content and style
German proofreader
German translator German Translator
The extremely positive feedback we got from the Frankfurt Book Fair in 2000 for our database-project of copy-editors and proofreaders inspired us to develop further directories with a similar design.

Since January 2001, the translator database is available to clients in two languages (German and English).
Here as well, we offer freelancers two kinds of entries: the basic entry and the full entry. 

The Web Business Cards of service providers that are listed in this database can be viewed at
German sworn translator German Sworn Translator 
Legal and official matters as well as business, company or private documents often require a sworn translator.
This directory lists more than 110 sworn translators; it exists since May 2003.
German interpreter German Interpreter
The database of interpreters can be seen as a forum for services and is offered to interpreters and their customers.

Clients who need interpreting for their international conferences, congresses, product presentations, business negotiations, etc. will find an array of qualified interpreters in this database-assisted directory.

German copy writer

German Writer and Copy-Writer
I n this directory you will find German-speaking writers and copy-writers for your German journals, customer magazines, business reports, product descriptions or corporate image brochures.

Authors, writers and copy-writers offer their services on their own presentation page. Thanks to the advanced search functions included in this directory, customers consulting this directory can quickly find the service they are looking for.

We also offer freelancers in this directory the service of setting up their Web Business Card at